Review: Cryer's Cross by Lisa McMann

Cryer's Cross by Lisa McMann

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Tiffany has disappeared without a trace. In a tiny town like Cryer's Cross, this is big. Stuff like this just doesn't happen. Kendall can't forget that this has happened even as the town moves on around her. Then, her somewhat boyfriend, Nico, also disappears, and Kendall's OCD goes into overdrive while she tries to figure out what happened and hopes that they will be found.

My initial thought after finishing the book was that it was really weird and somewhat disturbing. I think this is how the book is meant to be so it definitely achieved what it set out to do. There are some supernatural aspects to this book so I would put it under paranormal although not a fantasy piece.

I really liked the OCD aspect of Kendall's character because it's something I don't see much in books as a problem a character has to cope with. The way Kendall tries to fight with her inner self and hide her OCD, to me at least, was the real story. In comparison, the disappearances of the other kids was almost a sideshow.

My rating of this book is based on the fact that the main story is not something I much enjoy reading because I don't enjoy horror. I think horror readers would probably like this book even if I didn't.

Star Rating: 2.5/5.0

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l didn't really find this story that scary and l am a wimp usually! l would say it's a horror being honest.
l agree, the OCD added a great part to the book, something different!


I am not a fan of horror either. Even though I like McMann's wake series I think I will take this off my wishlist. Great review :)


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