Easter Hoppin Blog Hop April 15-17

Easter Hoppin Blog Hop

I'm not much for celebrating Easter, but I do like the candy that accompanies it (incidentally not the Peeps). Anyway! I hope you have fun next week doing whatever you are going to do next week ^.^

So, I had a giveaway lined up but the person providing the swag hasn't been responsive, and I don't want the winners to be prize-less because the person changed their mind or something like that, so I'm not participating. I am very sorry about this >.<

But do visit the other blogs!

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So sorry they didn't come through for you but I am following you everywhere anyway. Geez, I feel like a stalker following you on Twitter, Goodreads and email. hahaha. I hope you get TONS of chocolate for Easter!




No problem -- so disappointing when people don't follow thru.

Oh, and I don't like peeps either. Too sweet.


Thanks for letting us know!


Hugs and happy Easter to you!


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