Review: Pathfinder (Serpent World #1) by Orson Scott Card

Pathfinder by Orson Scott Card

Rigg is special. It's not only that he and his father live by themselves off in the forest nor is it that his father teaches him about astronomy, finance, economics, political intrigue, and physics which are hardly useful topics for a life of fur trapping. No, Rigg is special because he sees the paths that all living creatures have taken, ever.

If this were any other author, I think I might've given it a higher score. Card though, I hold to an entirely different standard because he has written some amazing books. This one, in comparison to his other works, is not quite as epic. You've got your standard smart kid, Card loves writing about unnaturally smart kids, and you have the double narratives which happens in a lot of Card books which gives depth to the story as a whole.

Standard though, for Card is still really good. His characters are interesting, and he comes up with novel scenarios for his characters to play in. No, it's not the standard parts of this book that are bad. It's the fact that I didn't react strongly to anything in the book. There were no scenes of immense emotion, which Card is so good at writing. Where were they Mr. Card? WHERE?! I say because I know you have them in your best books, and this one was lacking its moments.

Now, it's a perfectly good read although Card does like to have characters ramble on a bit and one up each other in battles of mental superiority, which to your reader who wants to just stop thinking, may be a bit much. So, despite my ranting, you should still read it because it's good just not Card at his most awesome.

Star Rating: 3.5/5.0

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I haven't read anything by Card yet but his name has been popping up on Twitter all week it seems. Might have to check it out but I guess I shouldn't start with this one.


@Karen His name is probably popping up for unsavory reason, sadly.


I've been wanting to read something by him too... I'm thinking this shouldn't be my first book by him though! Which do you suggest woman?


@Bookish Brunette LOL, you should start with Ender's Game


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