Review: Among Thieves (Tale of the Kin) by Douglas Hulick

Among Thieves by Douglas Hulick

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Drothe is of the Kin, and safely ensconced within a boss's organization if not particularly happily. Safely that is, until he accidentally gets embroiled in a conflict over an ancient book that every powerful person seems to want to get their hands on. He will need to muster every drop of courage, strength, and wit if he is to have a hope of making it through this conflict.

That was a fun adventure, and I'm already wondering when the next book in this series will be out even though the end was not a cliff hanger (thank goodness for that). Sadly, there is no hint of the next book yet since this one was just published, and huzzah for a great debut by Douglas Hulick.

There were enough moving parts to this story that I was never bored, but not so many that I had to bend over backwards to keep track of everything going on. Drothe is a character with a lot of depth who gets into many fight scenes that were not too hard for me to follow (as I've mentioned before, I'm spatially challenged/retarded), and I appreciated that.

The world-building isn't amazing, but what exists is explained very well. You are never overwhelmed with information - a balance which is easy to read and criticize but hard to get right. Mr. Hulick gets it just right. Thus, I think you should consider picking up this novel ^.^

Star Rating: 4.0/5.0

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I had not heard of this one yet. It sounds like I might like it! Thanks for posting about it and getting it on my radar!


@Shannon I hope you enjoy it ^.^


Sounds like fun! I'll keep this one in mind.


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