An Explanation of Sorts

I've been a tad busy over the last week (1 assignment, 1 midterm, 2 projects, 1 Blogger Social, 1 Easter) so I haven't been able to post much at all. I hope you guys still love me *makes puppy eyes*. Hopefully I can get back to posting some things soon >.>

I have actually been pretty busy since coming back from spring break at the beginning of the month but I had managed to build up a small queue of reviews which I reached the end of last Tuesday. Thus, the sad lack of posting this past week has brought although I did manage to bring to your attention the Apocalypsies site AND got Third Sentence Thursday up in time ^.^

Nevertheless, the rest of the quarter is also going to be busy (more projects, assignments, tests T_T), so if I'm a bit spotty at times. I beg you not to throw rotten eggs at the house. I shall be back shortly if not for huge spans of time at a time.

I think I promised to talk a bit about what I've been doing. So anyway, for those of you who care, I'm taking 3 courses this quarter: Operating Systems, Data and Communication, and Compiler Design.

The Compiler Design course is pretty time consuming in terms of its projects. I'm liking it though ^.^ Basically I'm writing my own compiler... which will compile code for a practice language that the professor made up.

Operating Systems is also pretty interesting as it goes into a lot of the decisions that go into writing an OS. The professor is pretty good for this class so yay!

The last one I haven't been spending as much time on although it's basically talking about how networks/networking works. I really need to catch up on my reading in this course heh.

In other news, I managed to start learning Java again although I had to stop and work on the projects for school. Hopefully this means I will be able to write some small things in it soon ^.^

Edit: Oh, I also wanted to share this article on how math is within reach of everyone. It might be especially of interest to any parents who are looking for a system to get their kids started on the maths~~

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Glad you're busy - sometimes it's best! I've been the complete opposite, sadly. And that for some reasons, results in less blogging. How does that make sense? Probably too many books! LOL. Have a good night!


I took a Java class like 3 years ago. AWFUL THING. lol I will wait for you :)


I hope things calm down for you soon lady!!!


@Book Geek Heh, I like being busy sometimes, othertimes, naps are nice too

@Samita lol Java doesn't seem so bad

@Ashley thanks!


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