Interview at The Gatekeepers Post

I was contacted by The Gatekeepers Post which is apparently the leading social media book publishing community on the web.

I was asked some questions pertaining to books and what my tastes are, and my responses are posted over there today. If you're interested, you can go take a look.

*sinking suspicion about the post though as I don't really write in-depth reviews so much as short reviews >.>*

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Did you know I didn't follow you? WTH is that??? You're in my reader... and obviously one of my fav chicks ever. I thing Google is messing with me. Hmph.


That happens to me every once in awhile o_0 GFC is all sorts of special sometimes


I love your short reviews...I sort of dislike long ones...


@Patty Thank you so much for liking them ^.^


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