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Welcome from Book Blog Hop hosted by Crazy for Books and Follow Friday hosted by Parajunkee!

What makes up your non-human family??

There's a kitty! I also have several gadgets... my computer named Chocolatey and my Kindle named Soup. And of course some stuffed animals Lisa the Rabbit and Ice Cream the bear. (Yes, I know I name stuff really oddly)

Brandi from Blkosiner's Book Blog and I have announced the Loving the Reviews Challenge (event extravaganza)! There are going to be a ton of authors giving away stuff and all you have to do is what you all normally do - review books! Check out the details

I had an AWESOME interview with the author of Memento Nora, Angie Smibert. You should definitely take a look at it.

I also had a post about Online ID laws that you should know about.

And there was a poll about genres you read.

Reviews you may have missed
Mort by Terry Pratchett
The Weird Sisters
State of Mind by Sven Michael Davison
Delirium by Lauren Oliver

Why do you read the genre that you do? What draws you to it?

Incidentally, I had a post up this week about other genres you might read! You can read it here (you should vote too!).

I read fantasy and sci-fi (all subgenres) because I read to escape. It's hard to escape if what you are reading is here essentially. I also think it's really hard to build an alternate world, and that those writers who do it successfully are just that much better. In addition, the fantasy and sci-fi writers are often huge nerds so it's really fun to read their blogs as well!

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I'll sign up for the challenge :D


I'm here from the hop, new follower. Thanks for stopping by and following mine! Your profile kitty is adorable :-)


Thats why I read too. I love the escape! And the worlds they build. I mean why do I want to read about my world and just normal people. I love how creative authors are.

Like vampires lets say almost every book I have read with them each other has their own take. And most of them are just incredible. I love the creativeness to it!!


I read more than one genre. But there are a few genres I don't read. Come see what I do and don't read.


Given your blog name, I would hope you have a kitty :-)
And since you named your gadgets, I have a sweet, good-natured, ancient (15 years) Saturn named Louie.
My Hop


I am happy to be able to return the favor of the follow-it is always good to meet a fellow cat and book lover!


If that's your kitten in your avatar he or she is really cute. :)


I have 4 cats *looks down* who have just laid waste to a ball of yarn, 2 fiddler crabs, and lots of fish.

Today I posted a review of a grand Steampunkery Book!  Please do check it out, I highly recommend Vampire Empire: The Greyfriar if you want Steampunkery and a mix of many genres.  A new favorite... indeed a huggable book!

Mad Scientist
Steampunkery & Book Reviews
Forbidden Steam
Where the Mad Scientist can be found behind the bed chamber doors!


Just hopping by and following through. I read a eclectic mix of genres though I do have favourites. I have to say thats a creative name for your Kindle lol

Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out


Just stopping by to say hello and have a good weekend!


Hiya! I'm your newest Follow Friday Follower!!! Stop over and link up! Susie


Great answer to this week's FF question! I second your thoughts that it's hard to escape in a book when it's more reality-based. Probably why I'm so hooked on UR/PR! Have a great weekend! :)

Carmel @ Rabid Reads
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Great point about fantasy and sci-fi writers blogs. Yes, I totally agree. In fact, I think I might like Neil Gaiman's blog better than some of his books!

It's great when you have that common language - so when someone drops a humorous reference to Star Wars, Star Trek, Babylon 5, Doctor Who, Battlestar Galactica, Harry Potter, Twilight, etc., everybody "gets it"

I do read realistic fiction from time to time, but what I really enjoy is the opportunity to immerse myself in another world through a book, even if it's only for a short while.


Happy Friday I'm just stopping by for Follow Friday and the hop. I can't believe its Friday already but I hope you have a fabulous weekend and get lots of reading done.

Romance Book Junkies


My answer is the same as yours. I like the escapism that books provide so it's mostly fiction for me - of nay genre.
Authors have been doing a great job with their blogs lately. In the case of a few of them, I have enjoyed thier blogs more than the books.


As an eclectic reader, I favor a lot of genres. :) You can read my answer at Clandestine Sanctuary. Have a great weekend!


Just doin the blog hop! New follower here :)

Lacey in the Sky with Books


I didn't even think of listing my gadgets or stuffed animals. I have several stuffies that I've named and love and I don't know what I would do without my gadgets.


Hey Kitty, just stopping by on the hop and follow. I'm ur newest follower. Sci-fi is galactic! I can't wait until Tuesday=Shadowfever!!!
Have a great weekend curled up with a book.Happy Reading!!!
See ya!
Readaholics Anonymous


i'm following you will you follow me?


Yay fantasy! Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)


Hi There!
I'm dropping by to say hi and read your answer :) Hope you have a great weekend!


I'm following you will you follow me?


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