Giveaway Wrap-up - An Effectiveness Study

So the giveaway has been closed, winners have been announced, the prizes have been ordered, and now it's time for a bit of wrap-up. Many of you guys like to host giveaways because well everyone loves a giveaway. So, instead of the regularly scheduled reviews, I'm giving my thoughts today on what works and what doesn't at least in retrospect of this contest.

This seems to work ok if you can get retweeted. I would suggest sending an @ReadersWin for your own tweeting. She will retweet any giveaway that you send her way. If you ask people to tweet the entry for bonus entries and such, I think 55 or so people out of the 146 people who entered took advantage of this, and of those tweets there were 94 clickthroughs.

Blog Posts and Sidebars
I admit to tracking this incorrectly... so I don't actually know whether these did good or not >.< I think they helped to keep people aware of the giveaway in general.

-Saturday Situation hosted on Pure Imaginationn's blog worked pretty well usually getting 15 or so clickthroughs per listing
-Got Great Giveaways hosted by I'm a Reader Not a Writer worked really well, usually sending about 40 clickthroughs per listing

I also listed the giveaway in a few of the mommy/frugal/giveaway blogs and while they did send a few visits (3-4) it may or may not be worth your time to do so.

Other Sites
I also did a few listings on Book Blogs Ning which sent a bit of traffic maybe 20 clicks total.

Goodreads giveaway groups listings faired pretty badly with only a 5-6 views per listing and maybe 1-2 clickthroughs.

So, certain linkys work great. Having people tweet the giveaway for entries aggregately works. You may consider other sites but effort versus results ratio is not that great. I should really submit to some of the really big giveaway listing site next time and track hits from them as well, so until next time folks~~

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This is great! I've never seen such a study on a book blog! Thanks for putting this together.


@Miss Remmers I thought people might be interested heh~~ But that may not be entirely the case heh.


I love statistical information like this! Thank you so much for taking the time to compile and post the data.


@Small Review aww you're always so supportive <3


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