The Weird Sisters ARC Giveaway!

So I have a copy of the The Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown which I reviewed previously. Now, you can win it!

It is gently used, I read the book once.

How to enter

You must be a GFC Follower AND fill out the form below (by Feb 11th because that's when the giveaway ends)

Bonus Stuff (because they're bonus!)

+2 for commenting on The Weird Sisters review

+1 comment on any other review post

+1 Tweet (1/day up to 5 times) it using: The Weird Sisters ARC #Giveaway at Sniffly Kitty's Mostly Books

+3 Blog Post

- If you fill out the form and then do stuff later, just leave a comment
- Contest ends Feb 11th
- You must be older than 13 (seriously)
- Open to US ONLY~~

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This sounded so good but with the restrictions don't count me in.


@Mystica if it's the following, I thought you already were. If it's the age... nothing I can do about it


Thanks, even though you didn't love this book your review made me want to read a book I normally wouldn't have picked up - that's high praise! Thank you!!


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