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So, I would imagine that most of my readers spend a significant portion of their time reading fantasy and specifically urban and paranormal fantasy (more recently also dystopian books with the popularity of The Hunger Games). I was wondering what kinds of other books y'all like to read since I also review a lot of other books here. This is mostly to get a feel for your reading demographics, and also to satisfy my curiosity.

I would love it if you left a comment too (especially if you choose other)!
What other genres do you like to read?
Epic Fantasy
Hard Sci-Fi
Historical Fiction
Mainstream Fiction
Adult Romances
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WHo has time to read outside of genre. I can't finish what I have. I even left my bookclub b/c of that (also did not like the high-brow lit we were reading - I already spent 8 years in college). I LOVE David Sedaris though!


I really try to read some of everything. I always enjoy a genre more after I have been reading something else for a little while. Otherwise, for me, the books start to all feel too similar.


Not counting the paranormal and urban I read a bit of everything, but my favourites are apocalyptic fiction (not with zombies though) time travel and alternate realities. I try to mix up what I read, so that I don't get bored with the one subject over and over and over and over...


I agree, I don't have time! I read paranormal romance, urban fantasy, steampunk and dystopia. I think the only things I read out of my genre are JD Robbs In Death series and the handful of zombie books I've gotten as gifts through the years. Also, not much outside of my comfort zone interests me... I read horror for years and years but I feel I've been there and done that with all of them and I still get my fix in a lot of the UF I read.


l used to love adult romances until l got into Paranormal. Most books on my shelf are romance books but l mainly read paranormal now. Interesting poll!


I love science fiction, epic fantasy, mystery, crime fiction, thrillers, and historical fiction. Honestly, however, if a book sounds good to me, I'll read it no matter its genre. But, the genres I listed (including fantasy, paranormal, clean romance, and dystopian) are what I gravitate to the most.


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I read various genre and actually paranormal & urban fantasy are not my first preference genres. I like fantasy (like in Harry Potter and LotR) more than urban fantasy.
I also read other genres such as contemporary, historical fiction, etc. I think there are too many interesting books out there to limit myself with only one or two genres.


I read a little of everything, basically I just look for the best books out there. Very often it's contemporary but I also make myself read paranormal too (since that's my genre). Once in a while I dip into dystopian or fantasy or historical.


I have actually been reading a lot more outside my normal genre recently. Normally I prefer epic fantasy as well as dark urban fantasy. However, most recently, I've discovered that I really enjoy YA books, that hadn't been something I had read a lot of in the past. I also enjoy southern gothic and fairy-tale fantasy. I'm one of those weird people who prefers flawed heroes and heroines and stories that have a dark edge to them :-)


I don't even know what Cyberpunk is! *goes off to google it*


I tend to read contemporary fiction mostly..... I do read some paranormal/urban fantasy, but not as much as most bloggers. I love historical fiction as well. Throw in some mystery/suspense and I'm good.


I like thriller I guess aside from romance...

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Thanks everyone for stopping by and answering!


I also really enjoy horror books and just recently steampunk. Actually I just read about everything. (:


Sci-fi, fantasy and dystopian books are my favorite but when I depart from them I like to read historical fiction. Not romantic historical fiction but historical fiction. I'm not too engaged by romances if the romance is the overwhelming point of the book. I like to learn more about the era the book is set in while getting a good story. I'll throw in contemporary fiction now and then, too, but I tend to find them overly judgmental of current groups the author doesn't like.


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