What is to Come?

I keep my lists on GoodReads up to date with books that I have read and take part in Teaser Tuesday, but I am curious as to whether you guys want to see more of what is coming up for review and how you would like to see those books? Do you want me to post up In My Mailbox, maybe list up something at the end of my reviews, just have currently reading stuff in my sidebar, or maybe nothing at all?

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l have seen some upcoming reviews in the sidebar. I love that idea! Then l know if books l am interested is coming up soon.


I love the upcoming reviews in a sidebar, it can be a slideshow or just pics. I've done IMM, but I always end up hating other people for getting more books than I do I am shallow and bitter like that LOL


@Samita heh, I get jealous too T_T


I like IMM posts. They give me a way to kind of "poll" my readers' interests and I use that to help prioritize my reviews.

As a reader, I sometimes don't like the upcoming reviews feature because then I know whether or not I'll be interested in reading the blog for a little while. That sort of removes the element of surprise, which is an element I like.

As a blogger, I don't want someone to see my upcoming reviews and decide they're not interested in my blog because they don't happen to like that handful of books.


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