Looking for a Couple Guest Posts

I've got tests coming up so will definitely be less able to keep up with the posting rate I've been going at so I'm looking for a couple nice bloggers to guest post. If you're interest, send me an email at snifflykitty@gmail.com or leave a comment with your email so I can get in contact with you!

Thanks guys ^.^

Edit: I could use more than a couple haha, I just picked an arbitrary describer ^.^

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You where nice enough to sign up to be a guest blogger on my site. So i'd be more than happy to help out if it's alright that i do a review? I can either review Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins, Beautiful Dead: JONAS by Eden Maguire, Stork by Wendy Delsol or Witch Child by Ceilia Rees. I've a long list of books that i've read last year, and need to write reviews on...so ya.

Let me know:


What is it that you'd need exactly? I enjoy you blog and I'd love to give back.


Heya! If the spots aren't all filled up I'd love to do a guest post. Either a review or just a fun post on something book related... Have a great weekend and good luck with your exams!

Carmel @ Rabid Reads


Wow thanks for the responses guys ^.^


I know I'm late but if you still need people let me know!

anedia @ gmail.com or


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