Review Policy


Normal review policy which follows will return when I am back.


I am open to review requests of books from published authors only (no self-published please, indie presses welcome). I am also open to giveaways, blog tours, interviews, and other promotions (please understand that I will only participate in these kinds promotions if I like the book, a rating of 3.0/5.0 or higher)*. Please send all requests and questions to

*If you don't want a review but want a mention on my blog, I do occasional In My Mailbox posts where any swag I receive will also be mentioned along with a blurb of the book.


Genres I Read

Fantasy (all sub-genres)
Sci-Fi (all sub-genres)
Chick-Lit (limited)
Historical Fiction

I read both adult and YA books.

Requests outside of these will be *considered, but are likely to be **rejected. If you want a better idea of what books I read/review, visit my review index. You can also browse my reviews by rating via the sidebar.

*If your title happens to concern LGBT or Asian minority issues, I will try to work it in regardless of the genre, but please mention this in your email. Review of course will still be 100% honest ^.^

**I definitely do not read Christian fiction, thrillers/suspense, and horror.



I read both paper copies, e-books (as long as they are formatted for EASY reading on a Kindle), and audiobooks.


Books in a Series

If you are requesting a review of a book that is part of a series and it is not the first book, please send copies of the earlier books in the series.


Replies and Acceptance

I will try to reply to your request as soon as I can. My reply time is usually under 24 hours.

If I accept your review request, I honestly can't promise a time by which I will review the book by although I can give priority to blog tour books. Some extra time may be needed if the book is in a series and is not the first in a series.

I will send you the full text of the review prior to publishing it with the date the review will be published, and I will send the link of the review on the day it is published. Your book will also be featured as my Third Sentence Thursday the week the review is published.

* This time has a tendency to grow longer and longer as I review more books.
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