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Book Blogger Hop

Welcome from Book Blog Hop hosted by Crazy for Books and Follow Friday hosted by Parajunkee!

If I gave you £50 (or $80) and sent you into a bookshop right now, what would be in your basket when you finally staggered to the till?

Wait, I have to buy books right this second? T_T but there are so many books I want to preorder!

So if I could preorder:
Naamah's Blessing - Jacqueline Carey
Heartless - Gail Carriger
Goliath - Scott Westerfeld
Mastiff - Tamora Pierce
Saints Astray - Jacqueline Carey
Beyond the Shadows by Brent Weeks
Metatropolis - Short Story Collection

~~This Week~~

Did you enter? Because Illegal was AWESOME check out my review.

I also posted some randomness on Goodreads ratings~~

This was a busy week for me so not that many reviews heh~~

Hyperion by Dan Simmons
Sleight of Hand by Peter S. Beagle

Who are You the Boy/Girl, instead of You the Blogger?

I'm back in school right now for a Masters in Computer Science, and that takes up a lot of my time at this point heh~~ I also play Dungeons and Dragons with frieds during my free time (well the free time that isn't devoted to this blog and reading).

I also love to cook ^.^ and try lots of different dishes (especially desserts)!

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Hopping through. I love cooking too - especially desserts. I love trying different things but I often revert to my standby Whatever Floats Your Boat brownies (a very popular recipe on the Internet). It's lazy but really tasty.
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Yes, if we could pre-order, I'd definitely have a good list of books to buy! :)

I'm a Tamora Pierce fan too! So glad Mastiff is FINALLY coming out soon! :) I just ordered Tortall and Other Lands from the library!

I still need to read Illegal - glad to hear you liked it!



I'm already a follower but thought I'd use today as an opportunity to say hi!


yeah those books that you listed are indeed great! ;) Yay for Dungeons and Dragons !!
Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend!


Dropping by to wish you a wonderful weekend. Happy hopping! :)

Missy's Reads & Reviews


I have never read any of the books on your list. I'm just coming by to say hi. I'm also a new follower. Have a great weekend.


Hi! New follower here, hopping all over!

I hadn't heard of those books, but Illegal looks amazing!

Happy Friday!

Meg @ The Book Addicted Girl


Pre-ordering is so hard for me because I want to make sure I have the book in my hands on the day it comes out! How do you deal if the book is shipped late?


Wow! What a great question this week. I always peek at other people's book piles at the checkout link at B&N. That doesn't make me a voyeur, does it?

The exhibitionist in me has posted my own bookstore shopping list -- and it's not as predictable as you may think!

Hop on over to my blog for all the suspense and chills of my TBR list -

Happy Hop Friday!

Howard Sherman


Happy Friday! Hope you have a great weekend.



Coming through on the blog hop. This hop is going to throw up very interesting finds. Have a good weekend.


I return your visit instantaneously, bwahahaha!

Scat Westerfeld's always a good bet for purchase--his Uglies series is forever and ever one of my favorites.


Newest follower here, via the Friday hop. Recently got my Masters as well. It was alot of hard work, but worth it. I am a new contemporary romance writer, but a reader of almost anything! Hope you stop by and check out my blog.


Computer science is so cool! I have some friends who are going into that next year in university/college. :) And I love food. So Cooking + food = epic awesomeness. Have a nice day! :D


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