A Dance with Dragons RELEASE DATE

So there's been an announcement that A Dance with Dragons by GRRM is being published July 12 2011. Holy crap, the wait is almost over for fans ^.^

That is A REALLY QUICK turnaround time. He's only very close to finishing the book right now... I wonder if they meant 2012?

Here is where I got the news

Edit I was wrong looks like GRRM himself confirms the 2011 date http://www.georgerrmartin.com/if-update.html

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I'm skeptical. When George R.R. Martin says "I'll be done in three months", he really means 3 years.


@listener heh well, he's supposed to be down to part of 1 chapter and a small fix on something else, so hopefully


That would be a crazy/impossible turnaround time!


@Alyssa apparently preorders are being taken for that date so maybe it could be done?


I just started reading the first book...good stuff!! Can't wait for the show!


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