A Kindle Giveaway!

Wilder’s Mate Kindle Contest

Want to win a brand new Wi-Fi Kindle 3? All you have to do is leave a comment on this post, and you can have your chance! For more chances to win, visit the main contest page. Every participating blog you visit gives you another chance to win!

This post is part of Moira Rogers’ Wild Web Adventure Promo. For full rules and disclaimers, or to hold your own kindle contest, visit the contest post. Winners will be chosen during the first week of April.

Also, while it's not required, following would be greatly appreciated ^.^

EDIT: There are now 2 that's right TWO Kindles being given away!

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Thanks for stopping by my blog and for posting this! :)


Woohoo! I'll have to get this up on my own blog, as well! Thanks for tweeting this. :D


Thanks for the chance to enter!



Thanks for the chance!

JaidisShaw at yahoo dot com


This is totally awsome. I only dreamed of having one!


Thanks for the chance!



Count me in! theprairielibrary (at) gmail (dot) com


Awesome! Thanks for the chance!


wow! a Kindle giveaway. i love it! thanks for posting this Sniffly. here's crossing my fingers. c",)



Definitely count me in! :D



Wow, yes please! Count me in... pick me, pick me! *sigh* Thank you :)



I still can't get over how cool that cover is! Thanks for another chance at winning (and I am a follower)!



Wow, count me in please! I like the picture too :)

imagesandwords at optonline dot net


How cool!, I hope I win! jbwallace@gmail.com


I'd love to win!


A girl can only dream I'm in the process of saving up for one right now. Thanks for the chance to win!



Who wouldn't want a kindle? Ke7yca at gmail dot com


Thanks for hosting!!

deadtossedwaves at gmail dot com


Thank you so much for hosting this amazing giveaway!

Email: Enamoredsoul@gmail.com or Enamoredsoul(at)gmail(dot)com
Twitter: @inluvwithbookz


This is so cool! I would love to win a kindle!

Stephanie - thegirlonfire
thegirlonfire27 at gmail dot com



Jreplay at gmail dot com


OMG thank you for the opportunity xD

bookpurring (at) yahoo (dot) com


This is the most cool thing EVER! Thanks for a chance :))


Thanks for the chance to enter. Please enter me in contest. Tore923@aol.com


I would love to win a Kindle



I would love to win!



I would love to win a Kindle! Great contest! Thanks!

missyscott at msn.com


I so want a kindle! Thanks for the chance!!


I would love this! Thanks for the contest!


Awesome Giveaway! Thanks for hosting!

Lisa, bell198@aol.com


Thanks for another chance to win!


Great contest. Please count me in.

forwhlz at gmail dot com


I really want a kindle!!!

Rachel Leigh
TheOneRing111 at gmail dot com


Such a great giveaway, thanks for being part of this!

Stephanie @ Book Love Blog
bookluv @ymail.com


Lovin' this giveaway!



Thanks for participating!

wv_mark at yahoo.com


What a great giveaway. I would love to have a Kindle.
annarudow at gmail dot com


Thanks for the extra entry! Awesome book, awesome contest prize. All I can say is WOOT!

My fingers are crossed!



What a great give-away! Count me in, I've always wanted one. Thanks.


An excellant oppurtunity. Thanks for the chance!


Oh how I would love to win this! I've been wanting a kindle for some time now, but don't have the extra $ to spen on one.. This would be an awesome win!!


I wish the kindle would come my way...
What a great way to read!
I see them and look longingly,
but always have something else we need!



Thanks to you for participating with the blog caravan contest.


Please count me in!

abbydillon16 AT yahoo DOT com


I found my way here via Goodreads and would love to own a Kindle. Thanks for offering this chance to do so.



thanks for hosting this contest!


Wow! A gunslinging vamp hunter! Works for me!
Love me a cowboy, toss in a vamp or two and we’re cooking!

I'm a new follower on GFC-Lisa Richards

alterlisa AT yahoo DOT com


Yeah more blogs and another Kindle added to the fun. *SHOUT OUT* to Moira Rogers on their new release. WILDER’S MATE sounds awesome. I love the idea of a gunslinging vamp hunter with a side of steampunk. Thanks for the awesome contest and for blogging about it.

deb ;0)


Thanks for the great giveaway and for hosting it. Love the sound of this book

skpetal at hotmail dot com


I'm going to jump at this chance! Please count me in!!

funnywool [at] live [dot] com


Thanks for the chance to win!
jenhedger at hotmail dot com


I'd love to win!!!!



I would love to win a Kindle 3!!!

sjhansonwrites at yahoo dot com


Thanks for another chance for the Kindle. Don't you think this book is fantastic!!!



This is a sweet contest. Good luck to all who enter



Lovin' this contest! :-)


I followed cause this seems like a cool place to hangout!


Thanks for the chance to win!! I have yet to read a book from an ereader...

jessicayaoo (at) yahoo (dot) com


Woot! Woot! Awesome giveaway! Can't wait to read this book, especially on a new kindle!


bkwalkerbooks at comcast dot net


Thanks for the chance! A Kindle would be all sorts of fun!

Rachel-Endless Reading



I would LOVE to win.

teddyr66 at yahoo dot com


Thanks for opportunity. I put this on my blog also


Awesome giveaway! Count me in too!



Love it! Thanks so much!
sena.sagani [at]gmail[dot]com


Wow, great giveaway. Thanks!


Thank you for the chance to gain a Kindle. I definitely want one! :)



Wow!! Awesome contest!!! Love the button for it too! Thanks!


This is such an awesome contest, I am thinking of hosting it myself! :)


myshelfconfessions at gmail dot com

My Shelf Confessions


Trying to win my sister's birthday present! Thanks!


Can't wait to read it. Thanks for the chance to win.


What a fantastic giveaway! The Kindle is such a fantastic machine. Here's hoping!

stephanie AT stephaniemloree DOT com


Wow! Thanks for the chance to win! seescootread[at]gmail[dot]com


This definitely is a wild web promo. I'm having fun jumping around to all the different blogs to enter.


Sounds like a great book! Lots of action all the way!


reviewsbyabby at gmail dot com


Thanks for the chance! Please count me in!



Thanks so much!!! hnwhitlock2000atgmaildotcom


Would love to have a Kindle. Thanks!


Thanks for the opportunity!


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Great giveaway!



Such a wild contest! I’m having a blast exploring the participating blogs. Shoot over to my Wilder’s Mate Kindle Contest blog entry for another chance!


Is it my imagination or does the cowboy look like Xander from Buffy the Vampire Slayer?
lara at twiceblessedlife dot com


Thanks for the chance! I hope it's open internationally.

spamscape [at] gmail [dot] com


Amazing giveaway. I already am a follower and thank you again.



Oh, God, I heard so much about this book that I CAN'T wait to finally get it! Please enter me in the giveaway - thanks for it! You rock!



Thanks for hosting!!!
Wilder's Mate is an excellent read!


Awesome giveaway!! Thank you!!


Sounds like such a great PNR Book! Thanks for the great give away!



Wow!~ What a fabulous giveaway!

fa11enan9e1 at yahoo dot com


I'd be thrilled to win! thanks!!
drsabghir at gmail dot com


Wowee! Thanks for the chance to win :)

marija.majerle at gmail dot com


this is a great giveaway. wow I would love to win.


Exactly like everybody else I would love to win. Ufff ... :)

Thanks for a chance !



Fabulous giveaway! Thanks so much!


wow! would love to win. jbabbagirl@aol.com


Sign me up!

chickenpouf AT gmail DOT com


It would be great to finally check one of these things out for myself.
Thanks for the chance to win!


ejm6x (at) yahoo (dot) com


Fingers crossed...

chickenpouf AT gmail DOT com


What an amazing giveaway!!
irishdancer2459 (@) yahoo (.) com


This is great!! I would love to win!!
Gchord88 at aol dot com


Baaa! I'd love to win!


My husband would so love if I had a Kindle to read in bed with rather than disturbing him with the bedside lamp! Amazing giveaway!

wolverina401 at gmail dot com


Very cool giveaway!

jjweichel at yahoo dot com


WOW! Great giveaway!!


Would love to win
Gchord88 at aol dot com


Fab giveaway! <3 the opportunity! TY!!


Oh, I would love the chance to win a Kindle!


what a wonderful giveaway! I'm marking this blog and will be back to browse when I'm not rushing so much


Great giveaway, thanks for a chance to win!


I would love a kindle <3



This is a great giveaway!


I would love to win a Kindle. thanks for hosting this giveaway!



Great giveaway!

navybaby1113 (at) gmail (dot) com


Thanks for the giveaway!

Diana @ Book of Secrets


Awesome giveaway - thanks for sponsoring/hosting!

texastypeamom @gmail.com


I would love love love this!



I would so love a kindle....would be in heaven!


Pick me! Thanks for the chance :)



Yay please enter me !!



Wilder's Mate sounds like a great read. Would love to read it on a Kindle.
2much2reid {at} comcast {dot} net


I have been wanting a real kindle. I am using a Kindle App on my phone but it is not the same.


I'd love to win a Kindle!

jalapeno714 (at) hotmail (dot) com


amazing giveaway! The new Kindle looks wonderful.


Great giveaway! Thanks for the chance to enter.


I would love to win this cause i love to read!!! :) Kenziesmomma08@yahoo.com


Wilder's Mate sounds like a great read. Would love to read it on a Kindle.
2much2reid {at} comcast {dot} net


Could use a kindle for sure


thanks for the chance
robinscott4 at hotmail dot com


I'd love to be entered into the giveaway! I follow publicly via GFC: Alexandra Andrei


After finally getting to hold one and become familiar with the glorious machine that is the new Kindle, I've been fervently searching for retailers and (unashamedly) places on the internet where I may be lucky enough to win one. So well done! Your contest has brought me to your site, and I must say I like it! Thanks for the opportunity to enter!


I would love to win :)



Thank you for posting this giveaway and thank you Moira Rogers for the awesome giveaway! Good Luck everyone!
jessangil at gmail dot com


Amazing! Please do enter me! :D



Thanks for entering this contest! :D



I'd love to win! And I loved Wilder's Mate!


Could make good use of a Kindle. I'm in.



Moira sure rocks! The book sounds GREAT! O.O Thanks for the giveaway, I'm crossing my fingers. :D
Please enter me. kah_cherub@hotmail.com


Thanks for the opportunity!

nfmgirl AT gmail DOT com


Definitely count me in! Thanks for being part of the contest :)


WooooHooooo!! Love WILDER'S MATE!!! Wilder Harding...Yummy!!! Moira Rogers=Fabulous!! I can't wait for the next Bloodhounds book! miranda.grissom@gmail.com twitter.com/randa781


The book looks interesting. Count me in!


Oh my goodness I would LOVE a Kindle!!! I wanted one for Christmas but didnt get one!



I wanna get my hands on this! trinitygsd at yahoo dot com


This giveaway is great! Crossing my fingers and good luck to all! :D



Wow! I'm #154!


Thanks for the chance to win!

nolagirl727 at yahoo dot com


I would love to win a kindle, thank you for the contest :)

itsjustme62613 at gmail.com


I would love a chance to win. thanks



A friend told me about this blog and giveaway. Stopping by to see all the commotion :)



Awesome book and awesome contest, thanks so much!



Wow...amazing giveaway! :)


Count me in!



I can't wait to read the book and I would love to do it on a new kindle. Thanks for the chance.

waitmantwillie at hotmail dot com


I would love to win a Kindle!I follow GFC


Thanks for being a part of this!! (and for linking the other blogs) :)

book.splot AT gmail DOT com


Thanks for the great giveaway!



Would love to be entered. Thanks



Hi! Would love to win! Thanks!

wowknk at gmail dot com


Thanks for the great givewaway


Yes I want a chance to win.
lisa gk at yahoo dot com


Count me in!!!



I would love to win
lisa gk at yahoo dot com


would love to win

pku2319 at gmail (dot) com


I would love to win one of these. Thanks for holding the giveaway.

p.s. I follow you through GFC.


I would love to win a kindle, thanks!


I would love to win a kindle. Following back - thank you for entering my giveaway!
SpunkyDiva at live.com


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