A Very Different Sort of Review: The Book of Tomorrow

The Book of Tomorrow by Cecelia Ahern

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This is going to be a very different sort of review than you're used to seeing here on Sniffly Kitty's Mostly Books so bear with me.

Tamara is a rather spoiled little girl since her dad provides her with everything. When her dad kills himself, Tamara and her mother learn that the family is bankrupt, and have to move in with her aunt. Once there Tamara finds a very interesting diary, and what she finds within its pages will change everything.

I can't give this book a rating because while the story itself may be overly dramatic it really made me think. I don't talk much about myself on this blog beyond what I like and don't like in books, but today I'm going to tell you a story.

Some years ago when I was still living at home, I didn't get along with my dad very well. There were many reasons for this, and it has taken a measure of distance (physical distance) and some changes in views on life for both him and I for us to get to a much better point today.

Anyway, at that time, my dad took out a life insurance policy and made special note of the fact that suicide would not result in a payout until the policy had been in effect over a certain amount of years. The way my dad said this then made me believe that he was contemplating suicide. Of course, it wasn't that comment alone, my dad had been very frustrated with his job, our relationship, and some things with my mom. These facts together made me very afraid.

Throughout the intervening, I carried the burden of this knowledge with me, and despite majoring in psychology where we learn about talking as a great mechanism for aborting people's attempts on their life, I had never thought to actually talk to my dad about this because there are many things my dad and I just don't talk about. After I read the Book of Tomorrow, I began panicking about what losing my dad would be like, and finally realized with the help of my boyfriend that I should talk to my dad about it directly.

So, last week, I finally talked to him, and it turns out that while he was extremely frustrated, he had decided that suicide would never be an option for him. After hearing this, I've been greatly relieved. It's been really great to finally put down this burden which I've been carrying for years.

I am very grateful that this book finally propelled me to talk to my dad. I am also very grateful that my dad is alive, and will continue to be alive (*knock on wood*).

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You are so brave to talk about this. I am so glad that the book helped you with something in your life. ((Hugs)) to you and your dad!


@Shannon thanks for the hugs!


Very special book then. I would give it our 5 star rating. Transformational. *big smile*

I am glad to have in on my review list.


Wow, I think books (like friends) sometimes find us when we need them the most. I'm glad you were finally able to talk to your dad and be free of that burden. It sounds like a very emotional book!

Thanks for stopping by my page today and leaving a comment, I'm a new follower :)

April @ my shelf confessions


@Firefly It turned out to be ^.^


Glad it did something good for you.


I love it when a book can make us think differently about our lives. So happy for you :)


Wow, thank you for sharing that with us all. I agree that what you did tooka lot of courage and was very brave. I'm a psych major (or wasa) myself but just knowing what to do or where to access the "tools" to help yourself or others, isn't always enough. It's the action steps you eventually take that make all the differnece as you showed us all here. I'm glad things seem to have worked out for the better for you. I read the Book of Tomorrow and felt real bad for Tamara about her circumstances (even though she was pretty spoiled!); it was a definitely a thought provoking story in addition to all its magic.


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