Review: Entwined by Heather Dixon

Entwined by Heather Dixon

Copy Courtesy of Greenwillow Books
Release: March 29, 2011

Azalea is a princess. She has many younger sisters (11 in fact) and all of them (including Azalea) love to dance, but the King (her father) has decreed that there will be no dancing during the year of mourning after their mother passes away. The girls find a secret place to dance, a place of magic and also a place of great danger.

This is a cute little book. It's premise seems to be about the sisters dancing, but it is actually a moral story about the importance of family. Besides the morality part of the story though, the rest of it was a pretty light read.

The sisters (the whole lot of them) get into a lot of trouble because of their curiosity in a way that is not unlike unruly puppies. It's actually quite adorable the way they tumble into mishaps and accidents, and it made me giggle. The Keeper (who is the guardian of the secret place they go to dance) is eerie, and I think his character's transformation in attitude towards the girls was very well written.

Generally speaking though, there isn't a whole lot of depth to the characters or the story which makes for a fun read but don't expect much emotional impact. This book reads much like a light fairy tale.

Star Rating: 3.0/5.0

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Ohh is this the one based on the fairy tale by the brothers grimm? This sounds like a really interesting take on it, thanks for the review!


I adore fairy tale retellings as well as sister stories so I will probably still check this out despite the lack of character depth. Plus the cover is soooo pretty!


@Cait I think so? I don't remember which fairy tails are Brothers Grimm T_T

@Bookworm I agree the cover IS gorgeous ^.^


You know, I'm not familiar with the 12 princess tale at all. So maybe I'll like it a bit more? I'm in love with the cover so I feel like I must have it haha! Thanks for the review :)


I like light fairy tales, so this sounds good to me! I love how you described the sisters like puppies :)


Hmmm ok. Sounds like a fun read but I'll make sure I won't expect too much from it. :) Thanks for the review.


@Small Review, Samita, Cialina Thanks for dropping by ^.^


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