Project - DnD/Pathfinder

I've been working on a project, which I'd like to share briefly the details of. I've been picking up C in part because my mentor knows it fairly well and also because I've briefly used C++ in the past so C is in some respects easier to understand.

I am making a DnD(Pathfinder rules) encounter builder type thing, which I'm still in the process of deciding what I want it to do while writing some parts of it to learn C. Since it is meant to be used by anyone, I'm learning GLUT stuff in order to have a UI of some sort. I also need to pick up some perl to pull the information of Anyway, I just wanted to share this project. When I've actually got some semblance of a useable program, I'll post it here (or I might post it somewhere else and link to it here.... something like that).

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