Review: Homeland (The Legend of Drizzt #1) by R.A. Salvatore

Homeland by R.A. Salvatore

I rather liked the fact that this book focused primarily on a race which is not essentially good as so many fantasy novels seem to do. Granted, because of this focus, I was a bit unready for the first parts of the book. The political intrigue in the novel though drew me in. It's an interesting look at how shades of gray can seem stark white in a world of deep black. I also liked the commentary on indoctrination, and how it can reinforce a society's beliefs and make the inconsistencies go away in the minds of the indoctrinated (thinks of a segment of a certain political party).

I did not, however, love the first book perhaps because I dislike, to a certain extent, how dark the society is. The ending though is fitting for the novel. What is nice after the book ends is that 1) there are more books in the series and 2) if you play D&D this is tied into the game to some extent and now you know the story of what happened to Drizzt.

I recommend it as a read for fantasy lovers (but not for those romantic fantasy lovers for sure) and D&D players.

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