Must've Done Something Good by Cheryl Cory

To be fair, this is book is not typical of what I usually read. Thus, perhaps, to begin with it had a disadvantage.

The main thing about this book is that the main character, Sylvie, bothers me. Her inner prose seems shallow, and her habits simply annoy me. Her sisters seem too much like plot devices and don't really have distinct personalities in my mind.

Sylvie has these great interactions with the kids she is teaching (really the best part of this novel are the scenes where Sylvie has dialogue with her students). She seems to be able to provide them with insights to make them ponder, but she can't figure out anything about the people around her. Her perceptiveness and utter lack of it confuses me at least and doesn't seem to be that believable.

Disclaimer: I won this for free from First Reads.

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