Review: Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson

Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson

Heist involving magic? YES! Plot to overthrow a ruler? YES! Combine for uber-ness.

The magic system is really interesting in this book, and I really enjoyed reading through all the intricacies. The character development is also excellent. The pacing was good... All in all I liked it a lot (hence the rating obviously). It's an epic fantasy type so it's definitely not one of those easy read type things, but definitely a good read.

A bonus is that the author has annotations on his website for every chapter (kind of like director's commentary except for the fact that it's a book). I definitely don't recommend reading the annotations until after you read the 3rd book since he keeps hinting at things in the 3rd book in the annotations.

Star Rating: 5.0/5.0

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