Review: True Season of Love

True Season of Love by Urenna Sander

I didn't like this book much at first, the beginning seemed rather improbable with its whole love at first sight deal and having the main character auctioned off for a one night stand in the 60's. Now, my knowledge of the 60's isn't particularly complete especially in France so perhaps this was at least to some extent normal then.

Now, after the suspension of belief for the first part of the book, the book went along more probably, and was pleasant to read. The characters develop and there's a good amount of conflict and obstacles for the lovers to overcome.

There are a lot of "other people" that pursue Olivia (the female in the pair) which seemed somewhat contrived but excusable.

The middle of the book was quite long, and was filled with a lot of dithering on the part of Olivia. In addition, the temper of Ptolemy (the male half) was somewhat overbearing although it was supposed to reflect the fact that men were domineering. This, however, is in contrast to Olivia's seemingly much more modern desire for career over family and her inability to see that there are plenty of people who seem to think otherwise (again perhaps I didn't quite understand the era, but her attitude towards it didn't seem time consistent).

The ending is somewhat disappointing as the book is quite long, and there seemed to be ample time to tie up loose story ends without rushing all of it in the last 15-20 pages or so. The ending, like the beginning seems to require a bit of suspension of belief, but hey it's supposed to be a love story, romance novel so as is, it's not too bad.

Disclaimer: I won this book for free from First Reads.

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