Review: Inside Out by Maria V. Snyder

Inside Out by Maria V. Snyder

This new book by Snyder ventures deep into the territory of science-fiction while Snyder's previous books were all fantasy. I enjoyed this foray and look forward to the second book. I do feel that the book moved perhaps a tad too fast.

Maria's forte of society building is apparent in this novel. I say society building because the world that this is set in isn't necessarily new, but the way the society gels together in this book is very well done. The different social types are described and feel nicely thought out.

I give it 4 stars mostly because I would have really enjoyed this book had I read it some years ago as a young adult for which the book is written. I do feel that there are some young adult books which are well-suited to reading by older people (notable Harry Potter and Hunger Games), but this might not have the depth and perhaps sophistication of language to be in that set.

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Just read this after seeing your review about the 2nd one... thanks for giving me the link to it.
I see from the star ratings (as l can't read the 2nd review as l am yet to read this one) that you enjoyed this one more! Might give this a go when l get the chance and see what l think =)
Thanks again.


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