Some more minor changes~~

So, since I've gone through and made some more extensive changes to the blog. I just wanted to point them out for your knowledge... or something like that.

- Giveaway and other cool events information has its own spot now at the top of posts to give them a bit more prominence~~
- I mentioned before that I've added email subscriptions because this is supposedly good, and I'm not sure that many people will use it. But, hey, get your fix however you want to ^.^
- Ads have been added. I know ads are evil and such, but this blog takes a lot of time so I thought a little bit of ad-age would be ok~~ They're not in the actual posts though so just a little unobtrusive (hopefully) advertising.


Hi Sniffly!
Love the changes! I think ad are good if they are not the main focus of the blog!



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