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Thank you very much to the wonderful Carmel of Rabid Reads for today's guest post!

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When Sniffly Kitty put out a call asking for guest posts to help keep her blog content flowing while in the midst of exams I jumped on the opportunity. So thanks for having me! My name’s Carmel and I’m the blogger behind Rabid Reads. I read/review books mostly in the paranormal romance, urban fantasy and young adult genres but it wasn’t always so. The theme behind these guest posts is reading nostalgia and the first thing that came to my mind was the Anne of Green Gables series. It’s been a while since I’ve read them but I have nothing but fond memories. Back in the day, I devoured every book in the series and watched the movies until I knew every word by heart.

The main element that sets this series apart from the rest is Anne. She’s an amazing character with whom every girl/woman out there can identify with on some level. Anne is picked on because of her red hair. Every child gets bullied but it’s how we handle it that makes all the difference in the end. What originally seemed like a curse ends up making her beautiful and unique as an adult. Perhaps this explains my love of red hair, I’d never really thought about it until now! Anne has an adventurous spirit, loves reading and is always poking her nose around where it shouldn’t be. Her story is one of trials and tribulations but also of strength and perseverance. She’s a role model that every little girl should have and grows into a woman that every adult should strive to be like. This series is about so much more than just a great story. It’s about life, love and everything in between.

I can’t help but think about Gilbert and the childhood crush I had on him. Probably one of the first crushes I ever had! The perfect man for Anne but of course it wasn’t an easy road. It took time, distance and relentlessness for their love story to progress into an eventual happily ever after. Gilbert was blessed in the looks department. No doubt about that but he’s also practical, reliable, patient and incredibly devoted. It takes Anne forever to finally realize that he’s her perfect match but that’s a good thing because without her resistance this tale would have been much shorter and not nearly as enjoyable!

The Anne of Green Gables series reminds me a great deal of my childhood. I developed a love of reading at a young age thanks to my mom but it didn’t become an obsession until I met Anne. My mother bought me the entire series and later on the movies. It was one of the best gifts that I’ve ever received! I was immediately hooked. It made my awkward stages more bearable and taught me many valuable life lessons that are still with me today. This series has stood the test of time and is in no way diminished by the 21st century. If anything it reminds us that today’s world may be more technologically advanced but that our society as a whole hasn’t changed much. What was valued in the 1900’s is still just as important today. In my opinion, everyone will get something out of Anne of Green Gables and it should be a must-read for people from all walks of life.

Thanks again for having me and good luck on your exams! :)

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Yay! I'm been stalking your site all day waiting for it to go live. Thanks again, it looks great and I had a lot of fun! :)


Great, great post, Carmel! I too loved this series when I was younger, and the miniseries/movies were terrific. You're right that Anne is a superb role model for girls of any time. Love this!


In Indonesia, we have many series of Anne Green Gables. Yeah, the local publisher has translated them.
I just read the first book and found out that it was not easy to fall for this girl.

Do you read all the series, Carmel?


Yes I read the entire series. The first book isn't the best of the series by any means.


OH Its been years since I read Anna of Green Gables your post makes me want to go back and reread them.


Right about now I feel out of the loop because I never read Ann of Green Gables. I was too busy with Laura Ingalls Wilder and Nancy Drew. Maybe I should correct that mistake sometime. Great post! :)


@Carmel Thank you so much for posting ^.^ I had a crush on Gilbert too!

@Khadija you should!


Sorry to say have not read the books or watched any movies about Anne of Green Gables... I did love to read Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys when a teen and now am a lover of all things Paranormal and Urban Fantasy...

Nice nostalgia idea and learned about a new series that may have to check out for myself some day Carmel!


I read the first book in the Green Gables series quite a few years ago. I don't remember it very well, beyond that I really enjoyed the book. Will definitely be picking it up sometime soon for a little bit of nostalgia. :) Great post, Carmel-- this reminds me of how I felt/feel about the Harry Potter books!


Okay so don't throw rocks at me but, I've never read this series. Like most of the commenters, I was all about Nancy Drew.


@Jen it's much more along the lines of Little Women for reading ^.^


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