Used Books Are Nice Too

Are you guys aware of the GoodReads bookswap functionality? It's great for getting rid of some of those books which you don't have room for on your shelf and for getting books that other people don't want anymore. You pay the cost of shipping and handling if you request a book not when someone else requests a book from you, which I really like. So go check it out!

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I know, WHY CAN'T THEY HAVE IT FOR CANADA TOO? Sigh. I love the idea of this service, I just wish it was available outside the US because I have so many books I want to pass on btu int he meantime I just post about them on my blog.


I think this would be so awesome - I'd probably start getting all my books from the swap, if only they had it in Canada! </3


Sadness that everyone is deprived of their awesomeness because other countries aren't supported >.<


Awwwh too bad its just US. Great feature though.


Man...I really need to get on Goodreads. Gah!


@BookGeek yes, you really do ^.^


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