Loving the Reviews Challenge Begins!

Brandi of Blkosiner's Book Blog and Sniffly Kitty of Sniffly Kitty's Mostly Books (that's me!) invite you to join us for the Loving the Reviews Challenge (and GIVEAWAY)!

US Only
Signed Copy of

1 Copy Each of


In addition 1 SUPER LUCKY US winner will get the 3 books below! Big thank you to Fiction State of Mind for this special prize ^.^

US & Canada
Signed Copies of

1 Copy of

2 Copies of

International (Includes US & Canada)
1 Copy Each of

Book Depository

E-books (Note: the e-book of Solid is non-US ONLY)

Winners, you say? What do I have to do?
-Link up your reviews and make sure it links back to one of our posts with the banner~~ (It's a pretty cute banner!)
-If you review a book (any book written by the Featured Author) by one of our Featured Authors you will get 2 extra entries PER featured author review for the giveaway (Show our awesome authors some love!)
-If you do not have a blog, never fear. You can post your reviews on Goodreads, just make sure to link back here or to Brandi's post. We will need a direct link to your review (if you need help with that, let me know).

PLEASE NOTE: Reviews you link up must be NEW reviews in the month of February, never posted before.

Featured Authors!!
Authors will be guest posting here and on Brandi's blog! Some will be posting about our theme - Love and we are interviewing others-- it will be loads of fun.

Feb 2nd - Krista D. Ball - Loving a Child
Feb 3rd - John Herrick
Feb 4th - Stephanie Dray
Feb 5th - Suzi Davis
Feb 6th - CC Hunter
Feb 7th - Elizabeth Isaacs
Feb 8th - Maria Geraci
Feb 9th - Kate Kaynak
Feb 10th - Kersten Hamilton
Feb 11th - Angela Morrison
Feb 12th - Bonnie Rozanski
Feb 13th - Kate Hegarty
Feb 14th - Carol Millward
Feb 15th - C Lee McKenzie
Feb 16th - Shelley Workinger
Feb 17th - Jennifer Murgia
Feb 19th - Deborah Reber
Feb 20th - Jennifer Laurens
Feb 21st - Jacquelyn Wheeler
Feb 22nd - Maria V. Snyder
Feb 23rd - Lori Pescatore
Feb 24th - Denise Jaden
Feb 25th - Michelle Gregory
Feb 26th - Heather Tomlinson

In addition Kody Keplinger is also a featured author.

How do I sign up?
(only if you haven't filled it out before)

Remember, if you review one of our Featured Authors- you will get extra entries into the giveaway. Simply fill out the form below to claim your extra entries!
Click to Fill Out Featured Author Bonus Entry Form

Link Up Your Reviews!(same linky on both blogs so you only have to link your review once ^.^ EVERY review is worth an entry Featured Author reviews are worth 3 entries)

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i joined your book review challenge :)


What wonderful books. I haven't read any of them, but I may need to rush and read one so I can enter the contest!


Thanks so much for this Brandi and Sniffly Kitty! :)


And yet more books have been added to my TBR wish list *L0L*


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