Star Ratings

To give you a better sense (or perhaps a more standardized sense) of what I thought of the book, I am going to start putting a star rating out of 5 at the bottom of reviews.

Example: 4.5/5.0

Chart of what the stars mean:

0.0, 0.5 = Just terrible.
1.0, 1.5 = I didn't like this book.
2.0, 2.5 = It was ok.
3.0, 3.5 = I liked it.
4.0, 4.5 = I really liked it.
5.0 = OMG you have to read this.

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Thanks for signing up for the 101 Fantasy Challenge. Please keep in mind that it is a perpetual challenge and that the mini-challenges will occur quarterly to help participants with incentive to read the books from the list. Hope you enjoy it! There is a place to post your mini-challenge reviews listed in the right sidebar. Good luck!


I'm looking forward to the challenge!


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