Assassin's Apprentice by Robin Hobb

A young boy without a name is dumped unceremoniously on the steps of the Royal Keep with the declaration that he is the bastard son of Prince Chivalry, King-in-waiting. His arrival throws a lot of plans into chaos. Through a series of events he finds himself apprenticed to be an assassin (you didn't think the name was just being coy now did you?). There is also the requisite kingdom to save.

This was actually a pretty good read (I suppose it may be a cliche maker rather than an actual cliche since it was published quite awhile ago). Fitz's, as the boy is later named since it means bastard, lack of a real name seems to cause a lot of characters some consternation much to my amusement.

Perhaps due to my perception of this book as older fantasy, the point of view in the book, and maybe because the author wanted it to feel so the whole story feels ancient almost a myth perhaps. This doesn't really detract from the story in some senses it adds to the feeling of mystery which I enjoyed.

This is one of the books I've read and reviewed for the fantasy mini-challenge.

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I remember reading these books - while the first was great, I was not so keen on how the series ended. I just saw that you reviewed the last one in the series, so I don't feel so bad saying it. I feel like it had so much potential, but didn't deliver for me. Ah well!


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