Review: Princess Bride by William Goldman

Princess Bride by William Goldman

So the premise of the book is that the author is abridging a classic written by St. Morgenstern by taking out all the boring parts (things like clothes packing). The actual classic is about a girl who becomes a princess and is the most beautiful woman in the world, and is supposed to be a satire of noble life.

Warning: This book is amusing and is in many ways a satire of epic fantasy. Along the way there is lots of adventure, revenge, torture, danger, swashbuckling, and hilarity ensues. You will love the characters and their quirks.

The book was made into a movie, which is actually a pretty good portrayal of the book, so if you are not inclined to reading (in which case I'm not altogether sure why you are reading this post on a book...) the movie is good.

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