Please Don't Twist My Arm

I'm sure someone has asked you before, what is your favorite book. Maybe you can answer this definitively or well maybe you're like me and can't really. I like to say that Kushiel's Dart is my favorite book when asked this question because it's just easier to have an answer but the truth is, I have many favorite books so please don't make me choose.

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Always and forever, regardless of how many great books I read, my FAVOURITE is 'Cross Stitch' (Outlander in the US) by Diana Gabaldon.


Apart from the second and third in the same series '...which might actually tie for first place.


I had a hard time even picking 5... from 2010. LOL. So yeah...
Brandi from Blkosiner’s Book Blog


I can never pick favorites of anything. Definitely not of books. They're so different and I love so many.


That is an impossible question to answer I have so many books over the years that has been my favorite. I am trying to make a list for this year but doubtful I will be able to make a post as it will be longer than top 5 lol.


For me it would be definitely very hard to answer.


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