Review: Mort (Discworld #4) by Terry Pratchett

Mort by Terry Pratchett

Mort, our main character, is offered a position as an apprentice to the one and only Death. As his choices are somewhat limited (he has no other offers), he goes off and learns about the work of soul reaping. Things seem to go along fine until Mort, who everyone seems to call boy, leaves a princess alive and takes the soul of her would-be killer instead. As always with Pratchett, hilarity ensues.

I really love Death in Pratchett's books so I was excited to read a book that was focused on him, but I was somewhat disappointed. It still had a lot of funny bits (Death cooks at one point), but I was not super-impressed with this one. It may be one of those expectation things.

Mort strikes me as a somewhat bumbling character, who knows he is not supposed to do something, but then does it anyway. Of course, I guess that is typical of humans in general so he gets a partial pass.

There are these books that write down the stories of humans, and what happens with them is really amusing. I definitely loved each scene with those books. I think I need a break from Pratchett maybe a couple months to better appreciate his humor again.

Star Rating: 3.5/5.0

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This is one of the books I've read and reviewed for the fantasy mini-challenge. Progress 9/13 books.

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wow,another book of Terry Pretchet. I just have one of his.

Just like you, many people say that he's known with his humor. Unfortunately I cant find the sense.I read the translation of Disc World series.Bad translator. I hope I can find the english copy soon.


Humor is not great in translation heh~~ Especially British humor o_0


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