I am Frightened by This

Many of us love the new spate of dystopian fiction that has been released, but we are comforted by the fact that it does not happen at home. In bits and pieces though, those police states are coming home (I'm speaking about the US, but I can see other countries following suit).

Your online privacy or the choice for anonymity could come to an end with US citizens receiving a unique internet ID. The justification? well it's easier than remember a whole host of passwords. http://www.engadget.com/2011/01/09/obama-administration-moves-forward-with-unique-internet-id-for-a/

In the writing, it is said that we will have a choice that it will be implemented by the private sector. But if this is being implemented at the government level, how much privacy will soon be eroded?

I welcome any additional information you might have about this bill.

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You are absolutely correct, but there are so many people out there that think it could never happen to the US and that it's not happening. Look around, people, look what happened to our liberties after 9/11. Look what is still happening to our liberties! And, most people are okay because they think it keeps us safe. The only thing it does is give the government more power. If terrorists want to do something, a scanning machine at the airport isn't going to stop them. It may make it more difficult, but it won't stop them. All it's doing is taking away our right to privacy. And, all these little bills and measures regarding the Internet are doing it too. Take net neutrality for instance. In less than 5 years, all our blogs could become obsolete because we're don't pay the ISPs enough money to keep our blogs running at top speeds! It makes me sick! (Kay, I'm off my soapbox now.)


@Jenni I'm hoping the net neutrality thing has mostly passed because of the immense wave of backlash. The airport thing though... doesn't look like it's going to get better because the TSA has its head in the sand.


People don't seem to realize that Big Brother could be corporate just as easily as it could be governmental. Also, the union of corporate power and government is part of fascism.

I'm still worried about Net Neutrality. The FCC refuses to do its job and provide adequate protection or oversight. Recently Comcast literally extorted money from Netflix and got away with it scott free.


@Edward I think I missed that story about Comcast >.< True, big brother could be corporate, but it has so much more 'legitimacy' when corporate works with the government.


I enjoyed how you put Unwind's cover as a picture in your post. It fit with the title, as Unwind was quite creepy with the whole idea of being "unwound."


@TB but but did you read the article?


Mhm, kind of confusing in my opinion. But from what I do understand, I don't like the idea, especially since it seems like a likely possibility.


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