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Just a heads up that I'll be starting a new meme tomorrow because Thursday should have another meme~~ Hope you guys join in the fun ^.^ all you have to do is review the third sentence of the book you are reading (make it serious, silly, sarcastic, it's up to you).

Update: It's up go there now~~

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Exciting! I look forward to it.


I'm always up for a new meme! Will definitely join in tomorrow (:


Sounds hilarious! I may try it out. :-)


@Celine and Tiger Glad to have you guys aboard!


Sounds fun! Will it a go tomorrow. :D


I am going to try to remember this meme - I am so bad that way.
thanks for coming by


This sounds like fun. I may have to join in.


hi Sniffly Kitty! memes are new to me. in fact, i've only participated in one. this will be my second one. looks like fun!



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