What Gets You Excited About Books?

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It's been awhile since I had a pure thought post so here we go!

Oftentimes, unless I happen to have already read something by an author, I judge a book by its cover and title. This means, I only read reviews on books that have already caught my interest this way.

If the reviews and synopsis are good, then I am properly excited about the book. Perhaps I should be doing things the other way around, with looking at reviews first, but there are so many reviews and books out there that I need to have a quicker way to decide. This quick judgement of mine is now helped a bit by rating aggregation from goodreads especially with books which don't have interesting covers or titles.

What do you guys think? What gets you excited?

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Covers and titles do it for me too. Like you, I don't have enough time to read every single review out there. But, if it's a book that catches my eye, then I'm more likely to read the review (as long as it doesn't contain spoilers). I also like to hear recommendations from my friends that I know like the same kinds of books I do.


@Jenni ^^ thanks or your response


Covers and title and also the author. I always trying to collect all the books from my favorite author so when I heard he/she releases new book I get excited.


The cover! Especially if there is a partially clothed male on it :) Sadly, I'm often disappointed in the story!


The synopsis and cover! And if it has author blurbs, I'd be more excited!


Both the cover and the premise for me, and especially if it's been reviewed well by bloggers I know.


Yep, for all the talk of "don't judge a book by its cover," it's pretty fun doing just that. ^__^ A cover will get me looking at the (proverbial) house, and the synopsis will get me knocking at the door. Some interesting reviews from bloggers/reading buddies will definitely get me inside the house! heheh...


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