Sad Little Moisturizer Story

Olay Total Effects

So I purchased this moisturizer because quite a few beauty recommendation sites said it was full of awesome. Excitedly, I hunted for it on Amazon, and it had a coupon so I bought it! Unfortunately, it managed to dry my skin out (my skin type isn't dry). I am sad~~

The End

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Aw. Sorry for your suffering.
lol, I love it when book bloggers post personal stories about themselves.


Wow. That is so sad. But at least it did not burn your skin. I think you can write their corporate office about your experience, right?


Sorry it didn't work for you! I think that moisturizer is confused. :(


@Aylee ^.^

@Nina it's not really worth it, it wasn't that expensive, and we've already moved on to a new moisturizer ^.^

@Small Review yeah seriously! lol~~


That totally sucks. What part of moisturize didn't it understand?


I dislike Olay stuff. Okay, I should be nice and say Olay doesn't work well for me.


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