Review: Emmy's Song (The Maldito Series #1) by Christy Trujillo

Emmy's Song by Christy Trujillo

Copy Courtesy of Christy Trujillo
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Everything was going well until Cale showed up; he manages to butt himself into every aspect of Emmy's life, from her big solo to her dreams. Chris, one of Emmy's best friends, keeps warning her away from him while the other, Sarah, pines away for him. Who is he, and why do things feel like they are spiraling out of control?

Emmy's Song has a interesting, believable, and personable main character, which made me want to like the story. The pacing of the story makes it hard to get into; events happen quickly and then are over before the reader has time to register what is going on. This, unfortunately was a big turnoff.

There is a romance thing going on between Cale and Emmy, but despite it taking center stage, it still feels somewhat shallow. I also have a tiny problem with Emmy taking Algebra as a senior although it does seem to be an artsy school so perhaps the studies there are lagging behind?

I do think this author has potential as writing a good main character is very integral, but this attempt has some issues. If you don't think too much about the story, you might consider reading it.

Star Rating: 2.5/5.0

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It's a shame the story wasn't as good as you hoped. I usually find the opposite - good story but rubbish characters.


Yah, it is a shame. The author says the second book is better in terms of the story, but I'm wary heh~~


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