The Latest Obsession: Recettear

As an early Christmas present, the BF got me a little game called Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale, and it has managed to consume a lot of my time in the past few days! It's an indie role-playing game, where you play a shop owner of a store for adventuring heroes. This means buying and selling stuff for the most part. There is also an aspect of it where you get to fight some monsters by controlling some of the heroes you meet in your shop ^.^

I think it's a cute little game, that is also highly, highly addictive. A lot of indie games are really quite fun and a ton cheaper ($4-$20) than their juggernaut counterparts. Steam is having a sale so they're even cheaper than normal ($1-$10) if you want to check some out~~

(I have no affiliation to Recettear or Steam)

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