Review: Boyfriend of the Month Club by Maria Geraci

Boyfriend of the Month Club by Maria Geraci

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Grace has a rather unfortunate history with men being that she only seems to go out with losers. After a particularly horrendous first date, she and her girlfriends form a Boyfriend of the Month Club to dish on the various loser men they have dated. The word gets out, and the meetings get out of control while Grace dithers between 2 men who are after her affections.

This is a nice and light chick-lit piece with many references to Pride and Prejudice. I will admit to having not read Pride and Prejudice, which is brought up a lot in the book although the points made were still clear. The concept is certainly intriguing although the underlying elements aren't necessarily new (dishing!).

If you read my review for Awaken, you will know that incorrect technical stuff tends to bother me so I was happy to see that the author seemed to know the site her characters were using (Yahoo Groups).

Grace strikes me as a somewhat confused main character, who at once thinks she knows what she wants in life but at the same time questions it all. She does have a couple hot guys after her though so I suppose she is entitled to a bit of indecision.

Star Rating: 3.0/5.0

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This sounds kind of like Lonely Hearts Club, which was a cute book (didn't love it but it was still fun)


@Mystica ^.^ it is!

@Alison I've never read that one heh~~ Yah they're not books to love, but fun to read anyway


This one sounds fun! Don't know if I'll read it, but I sure do love the title.


@Bailey yeah the title was what intrigued me in the first place heh


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