Review: Boneshaker (The Clockwork Century #1) by Cherie Priest

Boneshaker by Cherie Priest

In the aftermath of an incident, which has left poisonous gas (it happens to create zombies) pouring out into Seattle, Washington, Briar - the wife of the man who brought about this calamity - tries to raise her son, Zeke. Unable to take the taunts from his classmates, Zeke runs off into the walled up ruins of Seattle. Briar takes off after him, and the two journey separately through the new society inside the ruins

I had hoped this would be better than it turned out to be since it was nominated for a Hugo and a Nebula. I couldn't really seem to get into it mostly because of the elaborateness of the ruins. There was a lot of moving through, up and down, and into this tunnel or that which, because I am spatially challenged, I was not able to follow very well at all.

Generally speaking, this is not really a zombie novel. There are zombies, but they don't drive the story. The zombies are pretty standard and mostly serve to move the characters around the city (and in doing so, introduce you to aspects of the society) rather than being the focus.

The story itself, and the culture which had sprung up inside the ruins was interesting. Priest does a good job of building up the suspense surrounding the doctor who caused all the trouble in the city.

This is worth a read for the less spatially challenged, but it's not a must read by any means.

Star Rating: 3.0/5.0

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Dangit. Totally spacially challenged so this might be a toughy. Gonna make sure to take some notes when I read.

Did you like this one enough to be interested in reading the next book?


I wanted to read the next book (Clementine), but it was a limited edition print from Subterranean Press. The one after that called Dreadnought I might read.


It seems like an interesting book. Good review!

Too bad there aren't that much zombies. I love zombies.


@Celine if you want to read a good zombie book Plague of the Dead by Z.A. Recht is really good.


Thank you for the review. This is something I probably would have picked up. I've got so many other pressing items on my TBR, if I do grab this one.. I'll wait a while.


Thanks for the review. I've been debating forever about reading this book. I love the cover, but the synopsis never really interested me. :::sigh::: maybe once my tbr pile goes down I'll give this one a try :)


@Straylights I thought the synopsis was interesting heh~~


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