Review: Harvest Moon by Krista D. Ball

Harvest Moon by Krista D. Ball

Copy courtesy of Krista D. Ball
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Dancing Cat is considered cursed and everyone in her tribe treats her like dirt. She makes a prayer to her ancestors pleading for a better future and gets turned into a man for her efforts.

This is a sweet little story which takes place in Northern Alberta with Native American elements to it, which gives it a mystic feel. The author managed to put together a good story in a small amount of space although there could have been a lot more exploration if the story had been longer.

Despite the short length of the story, Dancing Cat is a very realistic feeling character. I was able to feel sorry for her initial plight and was somewhat amused by her predicament of being turned into a man.

I look forward to longer pieces from this author *hint hint wink wink*.

Star Rating: 3.5/5.0

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Thanks for taking the time to review "Harvest Moon." :)



Harvest Moon is a great story that weaves a winding path between myth, magic and reality, a path not well worn, but freshly broken by Krista Ball. Twice widowed while still a teen, Dancing Cat is considered bad luck, cursed, and is thus an outcast in her clan. Set in some undefined time in the past, among First Nation people in Canada, the story explores her magical transformation into a man, as well as her friendship and subsequent romance with Bearclaw, a young man from another tribe who nurses her to health after she is injured. Of special interest is how their relationship evolves as Bearclaw discovers her true nature. The reader will enjoy the surprise ending. The few characters are well drawn with an efficient use of language, such that the reader can visualize the scenes without losing the thread and the velocity of the plot. This is a dandy story, refreshingly free of explicit sex and gratuitous violence. If you like tales out of the mainstream and that tilt your world a little, this one is for you. 5 stars from me.


@Doug erm, thanks~~ that's a bit more info that is necessary to hook people. I would say it's full of spoilers.


Nice review! Interesting idea and I am interested to see how the author writes it. Thanks for the review, as I had not heard of this book.


@Christmas Thanks! You should definitely come back tomorrow and check out the interview~~


Doug - it's a rarity for me. No sex, language, and violence. A family member, upon reading it, asked if I had a recent head injury :)


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