Review: Empire (Empire #1) by Orson Scott Card

Empire by Orson Scott Card

Major Reuben Malich is completely loyal to the idea of democracy. As the US is drawn into a possible civil war after the President's assassination, Malich finds himself at the center of a vast conspiracy. As he and his assistant Cole, scramble to uncover what is happening and stop it, the layers of the plot get deeper and deeper.

Card hasn't lost his touch with weaving complex plots and characters although he really likes to write brilliant people. The scenario in this book of a civil war is chillingly plausible given the right kinds of people with enough motivation, ambition, and funding.

As great as Cards' writing is, his political views show up much to much in this book. You can hear his homophobia (among other things) coming through, and this can be quite off-putting despite liking his characters. I understand authors have a right to make their points, but that doesn't mean I have to like reading them.

Despite my misgivings, purely on writing along, this story is worth reading although the 'surprise' ending isn't much of a surprise. Major Malich and Cole are characters you want to root for and the story definitely has a lot of seat-gripping moments.

Star Rating: 3.5/5.0

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Too bad to hear his political views show up... this is why I've been relenting reading one of his books. I should probably read Ender's Game someday though just to say I've read it.


@Aylee it was pretty disappointing especially considering how he usually avoids it.


Omygosh Card. ♥ But his political views showing through? I've actually never really thought about that in his previous books. Maybe I was too young when I read them to look into it too much. I would probably have been put off from this while reading, too. =x


@Kristina he really didn't before, this is the first book that i've seen him go off on a political rant...


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