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This isn't the start of a series, just a small piece of advice.

Dear New Bloggers,

You want to have comments on your posts because then your blog doesn't feel as empty so don't make us commenters, who are willing to take the time to comment, jump through so many hoops. Jumping through hoops makes people less likely to comment, which you as a new blog can't afford.

You are a NEW blog you're not going to get much spam. I have as yet to get ANY spam despite allowing anonymous comments without an 'Are you human?' test.

When you get to be a big blog, then you can afford to put lots more moderation on your comments. For now, stick to EASY AS POSSIBLE.

Sniffly Kitty

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Amen. When I changed my blog to my current layout a couple of years ago, the comment link was at the top of the post. I had less comments. When I inquired as to why, my readers told me it was because they hated to scroll up to comment. Once I move the link to the bottom, I got more comments.

The only thing I wish I could do with my blog is all for people to log in so they didn't have to put in their credentials all the time. But, I guess as long as cookies or autoforms are enabled, then people don't have put in their credentials each time. I guess you win some and you lose some. ;)


Ugh, yes. I've gone to so many blogs and go to comment on posts, then get slapped in the face with a CAPTCHA. I hate CAPTCHA's. I hate them so much that I will sooner move my mouse over the "x" rather than type out a random display of words.

I'm not a big blog, but I have YET to receive spam posts. (I hope I didn't invite my blog to spambots with that comment <<). Even for "bigger" bloggers, although I do understand their need for moderation, I'll treat the captcha the same way. What can I say, I'm lazy!


@Jenni yah, I wish I could make it even easier to comment, but there's only so much blogger lets me do heh~~ Also, I totally had my comments on top because the silly layout had them there. I moved them to the bottom now though heh ^.^

@Kristina o man, I want to click that little x but I have a hang-up about sunk time >.> which I should really know better, but your comment proves the point that you will lose commenters because of small things! Also, I was totally worried that I would be poking some karmic deity into releasing spam bots with my post heh~~


I also dont like it when the background color makes it difficult to read - everyone is not that young around you know!!!

Another thing about blogging, one of the blogs on my roll has a hand written sort of text in grey on white. I have been wanting to tell her that it is so tough to read and decipher but wonder whether thats rude and my problem only!!! If someone asks on a blog what should I do to improve then I have no qualms about saying so otherwise I just let it go.


@Mystica I tell people all the time whether or not they ask for comments because it's going to be a pain to more than just me. So, if you have issues with my blog feel free to tell me ^.^


This is a great post! Helps so much to change my blog to suit both my readers and myself!
I did a post a few days back asking what l can do to improve my blog but sadly l didn't get many answers so this post really helped!


@Books for Company I'm glad it helped someone! ^.^ I didn't see anything that stuck out to me on your blog that needed improvements!


Thank you! =)
l am trying to keep it simple as it's blogs which are simple that l love! =)


I agree! I get why some of the bigger blogs have to have word verification but it annoys me and takes too long.
I've gotten a few spam comments over the past year but I just deleted them.
Now here's the weird thing. On my blog I have WV turned off but on occasion it still ask for it! Grrr to blogger.


OMG! I read your post and was thinking "I agree" I hate that too! Then I thought, I don't have that turned on right? I mean I hate it, I wouldn't want others to have to do it. I went to go check just to be sure and it was ON! *Hangs head in shame* I swear I thought it was off! It is turned off now! (or it better be or me and blogger are gonna fight!) Glad you posted this because it prompted me to check. So now you can all come comment on my blog with no captcha! YAY. Seriously though, SORRY.


@karen I really don't know~~ I wish I could help ^.^

@Shannon lol, I'm glad to have done you a service!


I'm not sure if I have the spam guard on mine- I've never thought to check... I always assumed you had to enable it yourself. I hate the hoops myself.


I'm with you on disliking captcha codes. I've accidentally clicked away from a blog thinking I had entered my comment but realizing at the last second that I hadn't filled out the captcha code so it didn't go through. I wasn't about to go back and retype my comment. It's frustrating and slows down my blogging.


@Nicole I'm pretty sure it's enabled by default.

@Small review yah that happens to me a lot, and it totally IS super frustrating!


I have received a few spams so I do use captcha and approve. Maybe I will cut out one. I am having some blog work done and will have intense debate put in the blog code and not a widget. I had it as a widget and it major failed.
My advice is: if you must use Wordpress I have seen a GFC widget. Get it. No one wants so much more email or RSS.

Post regularly and frequently or people think you died or are a dilettante. This was from a a real pro-blogger.

Don't have flashy or moving things, I can read your post if stuff is moving in my peripheral vision.And flashy things make me feel like I am either being programmed thru subliminal messaging or having a seizure.

Give honest opinions, but without flaming the writer other artist. Find at least one good thing.

Short and succinct better than long and blowhardy.

Have contests but do not require following - they will probably unfollow after the contest. That is a bummer.

Ask for help. Bloggers are wicked nice people. Googling the issue often helps too!

If you must have a music widget put it at the top and warn people. I would prefer to be offered the music than have it COME ON suddenly.


In above, the "I can read your post" should be, "I can't read your post."

I think I will keep approve b/c it is the best way to keep track of comments in blogger.

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Very much agree. Yay for comments and boo to Captcha Codes.


I haven't gotten any spam yet, I fear the day it happens


@Samita I fear the day too, but I don't believe in punishing every user for the actions of 1


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