2012 Debuts (Yes I Do Mean Next Year)

So I know we're barely even a third of the way through 2011, but I just wanted to point you towards the website for YA/MG 2012 debut authors who have termed themselves the Apocalypsies. I got to meet a few of the authors today, and they're all really nice people (Talia Vance, Katy Longshore, and Corrine Jackson) so start making your lists for next year ^.^

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Dude, Laura, you are on the ball! Fabulous spotlight on the Apocolypsies! I agree, they are super nice! :)


@Em heh, I can handle the shorter posts. They don't take as much thinking lol~~


Hi Laura- It was so great to meet you and everyone else. It was blogger love at first sight. =D


Thanks for the heads up! 2012 had better not be the apocalypse. I have too much on my TBR :P


Yay, thanks for the shout-out! It's never too early to start preparing for the Apocalypsies... ;)


Thanks, Laura! It was great to meet all of you, too! Nothing I like better than talking books all through a meal....


@Cory and Katy It was awesome meeting you guys! I'm looking forward to hearing more about your books ^.^

@Small Review I saw that you were already hard at work putting those books on your TBR list lol~~

@Emily Definitely not too early (btw, checked out your book summary, and I'm pretty excited about the synopsis ^.^)


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