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This is a bit late, but hey better late than never! I was really busy this weekend and was barely at home so post is up today instead ^.^ This post covers the last 3-ish weeks and I am only featuring review books and some swag received.

Books for Review

Future Imperfect by K. Byer Reese
"Ade Patience can see the future and it's destroying his life. When the seventeen-year-old Mantlo High School student knocks himself unconscious, he can see days and decades into his own future."

The Uncertain Places by Lisa Goldstein
"An ages-old family secret breaches the boundaries between reality and magic in this fresh retelling of a classic fairy tale. When Berkeley student Will Taylor is introduced to the mysterious Feierabend sisters, he quickly falls for enigmatic Livvy, a chemistry major and accomplished chef."

Shadow Raiders: Book 1 of the Dragon Brigade by Margaret Weis and Robert Krammes
"The known world floats upon the Breath of God, a thick gas similar to Earth's oceans, with land masses accessible by airship. The largest of these land masses are ruled by the rival empires of Freya and Rosia."

Swag Received

Signed Bookmarks: Illegal by Bettina Restrepo (already reviewed)
Bookmark and Stickers: Class of 2k11 (2011 Debut Author group)
Postcards: Children of Paranoia by Trevor Shane

Note: Blurbs are taken from Goodreads


Oh yeah!! YOu got FUTURE IMPERFECT???! I really want to read that one. Hope you enjoy it!


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