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I used to re-read books that I loved all the time because I wanted to wander with the characters again. Some books even after having read them 3-4 time through, I would discover things I had missed. Tamora Pierce books are definitely ones which I kept re-reading, and I've read them so many times that my copies are falling apart (I'm trying to get another set of the full collection in the covers that I loved as a teen, but it's a slow process).

Ever since I began blogging though, I've only re-read a couple books because I have so many books to read. it almost seems silly to take the time to read a book which I've already read when so many more are clamoring for my attention for a first time read through. This makes me somewhat sad because I really enjoy going through some of my books again, and being able to do so is a big part of the reason why I own so many books.

I'm currently re-reading Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss because I needed to remember all the details before reading the second one. I'd been meaning to do this re-read for over a month now and have finally gotten around to it. I just hope I dont forget the details again before I get around to starting the second book The Wise Man's Fear.

Do any of you feel like you don't have to time to spend on getting reacquainted with old books? I know that book bloggers in general start to feel that they have to divert a lot of their reading time over to review books, and this can lead to a sense of resentment especially because it makes what we love into a chore at times. Not having the time to read a beloved book again is kind of an extension of this, and while I've made a deal with myself to read more books for me than for review, I feel like I need to take into account this re-reading thing as well.

I vow to try and revisit old friends (books that I love) more often than once every 4-5 months. For now though, I'm thoroughly enjoying Name of the Wind because OMG it is amazing. I'm not sure how I forgot all it's amazing-ness, but here it is again. I will also get a chance to write a proper review for it this time around too ^.^

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I've long been a fan of re-reading books, starting from when I was a child and would read favored books dozens of times or more. (It was hard to find challenging but age-appropriate books back in the 1970s when I started reading in earnest.)

Now I try not to beat myself up about it too much. When I'm sick in bed, I re-read old favorites like Jane Austen or L M Montgomery. And any time I'm feeling stressed from work or life in general, I treat myself to a good re-read of whatever I think will make me feel better at the time.

So embrace it--don't beat yourself up about it!


YES! I feel the same way. I'm so busy reading for my blog that I rarely read for pleasure. (Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy what I read.) So, old favorites - as well as new REALLY want to read books - have been cast aside! For this reason, I take every couple of months off from scheduled review, so I can get back into reading just because it's something I want to read.


I know *just* what you mean, srsly this entry could have been written by me - Tamora Pierce is one of my most re-read authors!!

I'm currently reading The Wise Man's Fear, as I read The Name of the Wind less than 6 months ago - trust me, you have something to look forward too!

But yeah, I've stopped rereading books. I have so many others to read and a deadline to keep up with. It is a bit of a shame :/



ohhh, I love re-reading books! However, it's hard to find the time!
I had to make 're-reading 5 star/favorite books' a New Years Resolution or I wouldn't have done it, lol.
Already I've re-read two of my favorite books ever: JELLICOE ROAD and NEVERMORE. (I've also been in kind of a reading slump, so when I can't find anything new and interesting to read, I just pick an old favorite!)


Yes! I've wanted to reread Harry Potter and Twilight for the last year and a half and I've had to settle listening to the on audiobook because I just don't have the time to reread. Sad.


@Amelia I tend to deal with reading slumps by picking a different genre book re-reading doesn't usually come to mind heh~~


Luckily I still have time to Re-read one book every week. I hope you find time to revisit with loved books!!


I love re-reading my favorite books! I re-read Harry Potter last year and it was so wonderful to see the characters again. A lot of my fave re-read books are also like my ultimate comfort books, I go to them when I need cheering up or a guaranteed good read. I don't think my re-reading habits have changed much since becoming a book blogger, but I do think there is definitely less of a chance of me going for my re-read books nowadays since there's always a ton of new and amazing sounding books to read. Good luck on re-reading more books! Haha, this post has made me suddenly want to re-read one of my favorite books. :D


I agree with you...there isn't much time anymore for re-reads. I'm cutting WAY back on review books so some re-reads may be in my future. Last year, I listened to the first four books of Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles on audio. That was my fourth re-read of Queen of the Damned (my favorite book).

I'm getting ready to read Name of the Wind for the first time next month with the Fantasy Book Club on Goodreads. I've really been looking forward to it.


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