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Once BEA actually started, I was pretty exhausted at the end of each day so I apologize for the lack of updating o_0, but now you get the whole update as one! The first part of the post is for you to get a feel of the convention itself. I'm also going to cover some random news and gossip that I picked up for the second part of this post.

So, the show floor was filled with people and booths. Harlequin had a pretty neat setup where you could meet a whole bunch of authors (as well as pick up a whole bunch of books).

Probably the most anticipated hour for me at the Harlequin booth was the Teen Hour. The line was certainly pretty ridiculous for this one, I got in line half an hour before the signing started, and there was already a long line. It was really really great to meet Maria V. Snyder in person ^.^

While I was waiting in line for the aforementioned teen hour, a guy with bagpipes started playing! Ah, the randomness of conventions heh~~

I also met a person dressed up as Spiderman, which was also a booth thing. I had to take a picture because... I was walking along perusing booths and books, and suddenly Spiderman pops up OUT OF NOWHERE. Ok, well maybe not quite out of nowhere... I might have been preoccupied and simply not paying attention and as a result was surprised >.>, but anyway, that was a bit more of convention randomness. (Oh, and I'm in a photo again, crazy isn't it?)

Another author actually brought her doggy to her signing, isn't he cute? He was very quiet and everyone could pet him without any fuss ^.^ I'm normally a kitty person (in case you couldn't tell), but this dog was very cute

There was a guy (Tim Ostermeyer) who was walking around with a stuffed penguin. Because it was so cute, I had to take a photo (obviously). He has a kids' book called Snowball's Antarctic Adventures, which features a lot of stunning penguin pictures.

There were lots of other signings which took place at the various pubishers' booths. Like... the one above for example... I really have no idea who that is, but I remembered to take a picture at that point so there you go!

Did I mention there were tons of books at BEA? Who could've known? (^,..,^)

There were some marvelous antique-ish looking books on display. And a close-up below

There were TONS of other things going on which I forgot to take pictures of or missed. Now, for some News


They had a reveal of the Clockwork Prince cover, which you all have probably seen by now. But hey! I'm showing it to you as it was revealed, in a giant cardboard cutout format from the show floor SO THERE!

I got to meet Kate from Spencer Hill Press which is publishing Half-Blood. I'm sure you've all seen the gorgeous cover for that. They are considering putting out the finished copies with an embossed cover, which would be GORGEOUS so look out for that.

It was mentioned that Blood Red Road's film options had been sold, and they had a director Ridley Scott. This may be somewhat old news for folks, but I don't follow books to film very closely so it's news to me!

Goodreads has released an if you are looking at Book x you may also like Books Y and Z feature! I am excited about this ^.^ It is apparently tailored to your bookshelves so you won't be seeing books you have already read show up in this little widget, which shows up on all book pages in their widgets section on the right-hand side.

Apparently this is the last year that Jacqueline Carey is publishing with Grand Central. She has mentioned before that she is working on a secret project, and I wonder if it's going to be vastly different since Grand Central isn't the publisher anymore. Maybe they just don't have a deal on the table yet? WHO KNOWS (well she probably does, but I definitely don't).

Apparently this is not the final cover yet, and I already think it's pretty amazing. This is Planesrunner, which is a new book coming from Ian McDonald. I was intrigued by this book in particular, but Pyr Books, the publisher is starting to publish a whole bunch of YA books like Lightbringer by K. D. McEntire and Thief's Covenant by Ari Marmell. I'm looking forward to reviewing some of these ^.^

Ok, so that's all I have for news at the moment. There are a few other tidbits which I will be talking about when I do my post about the Book Blogger Convention ^.^ I hope you enjoyed the coverage~~

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Looks like you had a great time at BEA! I didn't see most of the authors you spent time with, but I certainly did see Spidey and I heard the bagpipes, too.


@As the Crowe Flies It was a lot of fun. Really tiring though heh~~ The bagpipes were pretty trippy ^.^


Great pictures! Thanks for sharing!


Thanks for posting about this! Though I wasn't there, I feel like I can almost live vicariously through reading all the blog posts from people who were there. Spiderman and bagpipes, huh? How odd, haha.


It was great getting to meet you!!!! I had such a blast, however exhausting it may have been. I thank everyone is going to need a week to recover fully. lol.


@Emma definitely taking awhile to recover o_0 I got home last night and absolutely collapsed


The guy you didn't know was in Guns and Roses. I still find myself feeling stupidly tired at times. Of course that could have more to do with the whole sleep problems issue.
MWAH! Steph


@Steph just goes to show how much I know about pop culture heh~~


I'm so glad you had such a wonderful time at BEA. Also thanks for the wonderful and detailed recap, it almost makes me feel like I was there! ;)


BEA was amahzing and I loved meeting you! I agree that a highlight was definitely the Harlequin Teen hour and I'm glad it was one of the signings I made it to. One long line but lots of lovely authors at the end! Also, the line passed so quickly and there were so many awesome people to talk to. Who knew that long lines could be that fun?

Meeting Maria was amazing. I has only just finished Poison Study and I loved it. I'm very excited to read more of her books.

I don't remember seeing Spider Man walking around...There was a massive piglet in a dress, though. >.>

Kate has to have been one of the loveliest people that I met at BEA. I was very excited to read Half-Blood after talking to her, she sold it so well...and that COVER. Wow, it's stunning.

I'm glad you got up to so much awesomeness at BEA. Happy reading! I'll be watching you...n_n


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