Third Sentence Thursday (#23)

Third Sentence Thursday
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Third Sentence Thursday is a weekly meme which waits with bated breath for third sentences from all over the world!

1) Take the book you are reading now and post the third sentence
2) Review this sentence anyway you want (funny and silly reviews encouraged)
3) Post a link to your sentence here (in the comments) or if you don't have a blog, just post it in the comments!

"She released me while I went on weeping" - A Tale of Two Castles by Gail Carson Levine

Dramatic way to start a story or perhaps just sad? Maybe these are tears of joy? WHO KNOWS?! (well I guess if you read the book you know) I think this is actually a pretty good third sentence though ^.^

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I would agree. That is a good sentence. I hope you're enjoying the book! :-)

Here's mine:

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hi Sniffly! it's a cool sentence and i was thinking she probably didn't want tears, snot and drool on her clothes that's why she removed herself from the weeper! lol. c",)

here's my 3rd sentence for this week:
3rd sentence@aobibliosphere™

This week I look at Dead Reckoning a new book by Charlaine Harris.

Or perhaps the comfort was cursory; a polite social nicety but not carried on.


Now I want to read the book! :) The sentence actually sounds slightly humorous...

And what a fun meme. Maybe I'll join you in it (after I've cleaned my house!) sometime.


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