Review Request Hiatus

Due to the fact that I have a pretty long list of books which need to be reviewed at the moment and the fact that I will be attending BEA (which will likely make this list even longer), I am not going to accept any review requests until after June 15th 2011. Also, I'm heading into a busy period of projects and midterms which means I can't read as fast as I would like to.

I do strive to get to each and every book I request and/or accept for review. Hopefully this break will allow me to give each book the attention it deserves and still have some time to read some of the books which are not on my formal review list.

If you were planning on asking for a review and can wait until after June 15th, please send it then. All requests sent between now and then will be automatically rejected.

I have already updated the review policy page to reflect this change.


Hey lady! You could always direct them to your favorite brunette!!! ;)


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